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Forums - Sony Discussion - $320 PS4 Pro At Target Through April 28 In The US

$320 PS4 Pro At Target Through April 28 In The US

See what your 4K TV can do.

Maybe the God of War review scores sold you on the console. Maybe you just got a 4K television and you want to see just how crisp those visuals can get. There are many reasons you may be in the market for a PS4 Pro. If you've decided to take the plunge, here's the best deal available by far: Between now and April 28, Target is selling the 1TB PS4 Pro console for $320. That's a savings of $80.

Here's what you have to do to get it. First, download the Target Cartwheel app and add the 20% off PlayStation 4 Pro Hardware coupon. Then go to a brick-and-mortar Target store that has the console in stock, and present the coupon when you check out. That's it.

The deal is not available online, nor is it valid with any PS4 Pro bundles. If you have a Target Redcard, you get an additional 5% off the discounted price. But even without that, it's a killer deal for a powerful piece of hardware that normally costs $400.

In GameSpot's PS4 Pro review, Jimmy Thang wrote, "Should you buy a PlayStation 4 Pro? If you have a 4K HDR TV and are looking to buy a console, I’d definitely recommend the PS4 Pro. Even if you have a 1080p TV and are looking to buy a PlayStation, I’d still lean more toward the Pro. Yes, it does cost $100 more than the Slim model, but you get more ports, twice the storage space, more future-proof hardware in the event that you ever decide to get a 4K TV, and some games can look slightly better at 1080p.

"If you already have a PS4, however, I wouldn’t make the upgrade unless you have a 4K HDR TV and the extra cash lying around. Graphics enthusiasts may appreciate the improved anti-aliasing and more vibrant colors, but the differences likely won’t blow most people away."

If you want a PS4 Pro in your gaming arsenal, start by downloading the Target Cartwheel app on iPhone or Android.

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That’s more work than it should be. Idt this will do much for sales tbh.

brick and mortar?

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

Someday you will die somehow 

And something's gonna steal your carbon 

The wives always have the cartwheel app as ready as a consealed carry. At 20% I'd get after that. Bus was surprised with this bundle this weekend.

Great price. Anybody know which model it is. CUH 7015b launch model or revises 7116b SKU?