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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 Pro God of War Limited Edition looks ugly af


What do you think of it?

It looks great 21 26.25%
It looks average 29 36.25%
It looks bad 30 37.50%

The color scheme, the crazy symbols, the visual pollution, the logo on the controller, everything looks so bad... God of War has much more potential for a good design.

It's a shame because the box art is beautiful, so they clearly have good designers there.


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Your face is ugly as fuck.


Warned (Flaming) ~ CGI

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When it's upright like that the axe looks like a Playstation Move controller.

The Playstation part is the move ball.

I get a sense of de ja vu out of this thread. 🤔 🧐 😜

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Funny, Rich from ReviewTechUSA thinks too that this edition is ugly.

I'm not impressed by the design of the skin but I wouldn't go as far as calling it ugly.

Perhaps you should add a poll so that people can decide whether they see it as ugly, average or beautiful.

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One of the best PS4 Pro limited edition from Sony. People always complaing about shits. It's look good even very good and fit very well to God of War.

It looks ok I guess. Not ugly. Just not amazing either.

Yep, my opinion.

Ugly AF, just like a majority of limited edition consoles.

I like subtlety and this doesn't seem to have much of that.