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Forums - Politics Discussion - Meet the new head of NASA

The Senate confirmed Trump's NASA nominee Mr. Jim Bridenstine, an Oklahoma congressman, as the new NASA administrator in a vote: 50 Republicans voting for him and 47 Democrats plus two independents against," reports The New York Times.



  • Anti-LGBT
  • Non-scientific views
  • Climate change denier
  • He said "the people of Oklahoma are ready to accept" an apology from then-President Barack Obama for what Bridenstine called a "gross misallocation" of funds for climate change research instead of weather forecasting. In further news, our rockets will now be coal powered, and gay people aren't allowed in space.

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That's right folks, this is NASA, and now it's being headed by a non scientist.

I feel really bad for the NASA scientist who draws the short straw and has to explain to this guy that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

another disaster

Well this will be... interesting? o.O


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We live in a horror movie.

Trump really is turning America into a brainless shithole.

Why are gay people not allowed in space?

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lol, Trump picks only the finest.

outlawauron said:
Why are gay people not allowed in space?

I don't know, maybe because the fuhrer thinks they'll give the other astronauts AIDS.