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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Could "DETROIT" be overshadowed by "GOD OF WAR"?

i think nobody expect salenumbers on the level of god of war (even if we don't know them at the moment, but we can say for sure that they will be high), but do you think that the hype for god of war can be a disadvantage for the preorders for detroit at the moment, or do you think it will have no impact on detroit?

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I don't see how. Both are a month apart from each other and are two totally different type of games. The games success or failure will be by its own merits,not god of wars.

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I mean, they are really different games, but given how big the GoW relaese seems to be (and how underwhelming I expect the reaction to Detroit to be ) it could very well happen

Wasn't Heavy Rain originally a game that most people thought wouldn't pass a million only to get to around 5.3 million on two platforms?

Yeah ... don't see this being overshadowed

Detroit will be like all other games of this studio: a niche style.

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It has already been.
Would get more attention before it than after it.

It's going to get overshadowed just like the real Detroit.

It feels like God of War overshadows alot of gaming news anyway at the moment. It also feels like there is no hype for State of Decay 2 or Detroit become human, but I am sure sony will start marketing push in april and it will sell pretty well.

I was not expecting to get god of war. I really have trouble keeping up with games these days. Good for me, because I miss out on all the spoilers, but I'll personally get detroit, spiderman, and soul calibur VI for PC and PS4 where available.

God of war, for me anyway, has been the best game I've ever played, as someone who has not liked any of the other games very much as they seemed mashy.

I concur the game release date should have been announced by end of May to be released by the end of June. So they could keep rolling all the videos they have been uploading recently, after the release of GOW.  Right now it is getting overshadowed by the Hype and reviews of GOW AND by the news of the Spiderman game. I really hope Sony to push the advertisement for this game really hard, because if not it wont sell.