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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you tend to purchase games nowadays?


How do you tend to purchase games nowadays?

All retail 251 20.06%
Mostly retail 426 34.05%
About half and half 218 17.43%
Mostly digital 202 16.15%
All digital 130 10.39%
I don't buy games 17 1.36%
Other 7 0.56%

This week's poll - How do you tend to purchase games nowadays? Mostly digital or mostly retail?

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Retail til the day I die.

I'm 100% physical, but a mix of retail, yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores.

On PC - all digital

Consoles - mostly retail

Voted mostly retail, since I'm playing on consoles more right now (for the first time in almost a decade).

I tend to buy online hardcopies for older systems which tends to be the only option since stores in my area dont have games for those systems anymore. For my newer systems digital store since my internet is fast enough to have any game downloaded and installed within 15 minutes

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Half half. Rarely do I buy games full price digital, though. Xbox has sales weekly and most, if not all games I buy come from said sales.

Almost entirely digital.

On PlayStation consoles digital only and on Nintendo consoles retail only. I would love to transition to digital only on Nintendo consoles too but the small storage that come with Nintendo consoles is holding me back from making it possible.

Depends entirely on the platform.

On PC: All digital. I don't even remember the last time I bought a physical game for PC
On console. Almost entirely physical, with a few exceptions from time to time.

60% digital and 40% retail. Last gen was 80 to 90% retail, but I've been embracing digital more this gen.