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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo/Gamfreak/Creatures Inc file a new trademark


What is this related to?

Main pokemon games 3 100.00%
TCG 0 0%
spin-off 0 0%
other 0 0%

 ウルトラシャイニー has been trademarked by the above mentioned companies roughly translating to "ultra Shiny"


what do you guys think this is related to ? I personally think its for the mainline Pokemon games.

serebii tweet :-

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As if shinny pokemon weren't hard to find as they were, now we have ULTRA SHINNY!! XD

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Shit... after 6000+ hours on sun and moon (mostly trading) I only have just over 620 shinys... I dont want to do that again...

Hopefully it is just shiny versions of the ultras haha.

Just hope it's not obnoxiously inserted into the games. Never liked shinies and never will so the less focus on them the better.

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I bet its 1080p and 60fps pokemon

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Jranation said:
I bet its 1080p and 60fps pokemon

Docked. VR support confirmed and just the right amount of water.