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Should "Likes" display the list of users?

Yes! 51 63.75%
No! 29 36.25%

I know there have been mixed views on the new "likes" implementation - in fact, based on the recent poll that @monocle_layton ran, the site is almost split in half on the topic, which is pretty incredible.

At this point, it's fair to say the "likes" are going to stay - so the next question is, what else do we want to do with it? I can tell you straight up, there will absolutely not be a "dislike" button added - it's just not happening. I will be adding notifications for them when I get some time to do so, so that the author receives alerts to any new "likes", and I already added functionality that allows users to "unlike" any post that they may have "liked" inadvertently.

So the next borderline question, is whether or not to display the list of users that "like" a post or not (and that's what this poll will be about). I'm of a mixed mind on the issue and can see both the positive (and negative)i, and that's why I figured it might be best to leave it to the community to decide whether we do it or not. I will say that if the consensus is to, in fact, display the list of users, I am going to erase the current stats and allow for everyone to start over (with the advanced knowledge that their "likes" will become public).


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Yes, I think that the likes should display a list of users.

TalonMan said:

At this point, it's fair to say the "likes" are going to stay

Why, though? Other than stubborness? It's clearly been quite a divisive thing here. The poll on the other thread wasn't even, there were more people against it than for.

But whatever. On-topic, I'm not sure on which side I'm on... leaning towards displaying a list, though. Better than anonymity, I guess.

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Why is it fair to say that the like system stays? Because work was already put into it?

I think that with nearly 50% of people already split just on the basic implementation of such a system, it would be better just to remove it. Because the more specific the system gets the more divided people will be.

I would prefer if you could see who "Likes" a post, as anonymous likes can encourage people to "voice their approval" of comments and opinions they normally wouldn't want to associate themselves with.

Even if there are pros and cons to either approach, I think a unique problem for the anonymous option is that it becomes harder to gauge which likes are genuine.

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I don't see what's the point of the likes but whatever,

I say yes to publicly showing who liked a post. I do not see any harm in it

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These likes just feel like doing something for the sake of doing something... doesn't really seem like they add much to the forums.

I cannot think of a way to "enhance" likes in a way that would not be a negative. I've no real opinion on showing who likes, but I suppose it's preferable to anonymity.

In addition to the like feature, there should be a dislike feature as well. Holds people more accountable for the things they post.

I'm for the like button, but I am HIGHLY against a user list. I think that will be where problem have the potential to start


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