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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox E3 2018 Supposedly Leaked *Fake


Do you believe it?

Yes, and Im more than pleased. 2 3.70%
Yes, and this isnt enough for me 17 31.48%
No, but Id be more than pleased if true 12 22.22%
No, and this isnt enough for me 23 42.59%

+ google translate

Supposedly it comes from 4chan (the leak) and this is just a aritcle about that leak.

These games will be shown:

  • Forza Horizon 4: [4k, 30 FPS, Japan, Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay / Trailer Demo, Fall 2018]
  • Starfield: [Marketing Deal, Gameplay Demo, Open World sci fi RPG, 2018th Season] (new multiplat game?)
  • ScreamRide 2 [Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer, 2018th Season]   (AA puzzle destruction game?)
  • Crackdown 3: [Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer, MP Beta, 2018th Season]
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: [Marketing Deal, Gameplay Demo, Xbox Gamepass, Fall 2018]
  • Sea of ​​Thieves: [New Content, Trailer, Xbox Gamepass, Fall 2018]
  • Ashen: [Gameplay Trailer, 2018th Season]
  • The Last Night: [Gameplay Trailer, Xbox Gamepass, 2018th Season]
  • Below: [Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer, 2018th Season]
  • Madden: [Gameplay Trailer, Fall 2018]
  • Minecraft: [Content Update, Fall 2018]
  • Battlefield V: [Marketing Deal, Gameplay Trailer, Fall 2018]
  • Metro Exodus: [Marketing Deal, Gameplay Demo, 2018th Season]
  • Banjo-Kazooie Anniversary: ​​[Gamplay Trailer, Xbox Gamepass Fall 2018]


  • Borderlands 3: [2019. Spring, Xbox Gamepass, Marketing Deal, Gameplay Trailer]
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps: [2019. in the spring, Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer]
  • Electric Madness: [Racing Game, 2019. in the spring, Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer]  (rumors say its a Forza like Kart game?)
  • Splinter Cell: [Reboot, Open-World, First on Xbox One, Fall 2019]
  • Anthem: [Marketing, Gameplay Demo, Fall 2019]
  • Halo: Genesis [Reboot, split screen, Warzone 2.0, MP Beta 2018, Teaser Trailer, Fall 2019]
  • Cyberpunk 2077: [Marketing Deal, Teaser Trailer, 2019/2020]
  • Joanna Dark: [TPS Game, Teaser Trailer, 2019th Season]
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Halo reboot? I have trouble believing that, we haven't even had Halo 6 yet.

I'm skeptical. Some of that sounds probable. But some stuff... Borderlands 3 on gamepass for instance sounds very unlikely. Borderlands 2 sold very well and no doubt 2K/Gearbox will want even higher sales, so unless Microsoft offered them an insane amount of money I really can't see them giving it away on gamepass.

Halo: Genesis sounds sketchy too. Wasn't Halo 5 supposed to be part of a new trilogy? Would they really just scrap that idea to reboot the franchise? Just sounds like a great way to piss off fans.

Oh, man, we're starting early with the leaks, aren't we? As long as I see footage of AoE4 being decent, I'll be fine (even though I'm mad at it being W10 exclusive).

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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So basically nothing "new" or unexpected for 2018.

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Wait. Halo reboot? In the middle of an unfinished trilogy?

Seems like he's just taking what was already leaked/known for the most part and putting it together, except he can't even get the name of Electric Square right

Electric Square (Not Madness) Forza spinoff is all-but confirmed at this point, Perfect Dark was leaked by the same API leaker who leaked Fable IV months ago as was the Japan setting for Horizon 4 and speculation that something is happening for Banjo's 20th Anniversary but he maintained that it's most likely not a game.

Perfect Dark will likely have only entered development sometime this year so a 2019 release is near impossible, only new leak in there is Halo Genesis, I seriously doubt they're rebooting the series (Depends what that means though).

Putting this one down as definitely fake but some of the stuff is very likely legit either way like Perfect Dark/Electric Square Forza Spinoff.

Well nothing about that sounds particularly unrealistic so i suppose its possible.

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VGPolyglot said:
Halo reboot? I have trouble believing that, we haven't even had Halo 6 yet.

Halo 6 will probably be "saved" for Xbox Two. My thinking is this is a spin off type deal.

Veknoid_Outcast said:
Wait. Halo reboot? In the middle of an unfinished trilogy?

Maybe its "not" a main-line Halo? but like a spin-off series? thats just told from a differnt perspective or something?

Possible, but amazingly underwhelmed. Like really, could be their worst E3 yet.

Why would Forza be at 30FPS?

Also why would they have stuff for 2019 planned?

Find the possibility they are ditching Halo 6 and going for Halo 1 reboot fascinating.

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