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GOW looks...

Better than H:ZD 6 60.00%
On par with H:ZD 2 20.00%
Worse than H:ZD 1 10.00%
Not sure or haven't decided yet 0 0.00%
Haven't played either game. 0 0.00%
Comments/Indifferent/Middle America.... 1 10.00%

I'm not sure if this game has a photomode or if they'll implement it down the road a bit but I know one things, I'll be switching HUD off and screenshotting to my hearts content as with Horizon. I find a lot of fun in this so lets slap that share button, people and gape in awe.

***Four screenshots per post please.


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Well, it's coming. Hopefully sooner than later.


China Numba wan!!

How can I publish my own PS4 screenshots on VGChartz here ?

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KazumaKiryu said:
How can I publish my own PS4 screenshots on VGChartz here ?

Share to twitter and drag and drop, if you have all that set up or for better quality, Stick them on a USB, Upload them to Imgur and once dragged and dropped on there, you should get a side bar with an embed link on the right side, If dragging and dropping doesn't work. There is also a plain text link, hit the "insert/edit image" button on the rich text replies bar and knock it in there if all else fails.


China Numba wan!!

Just to add my piece, I don't think it has topped Horizon on the OG, I find it inconsistent along with much blurring and texture reduction, when the detail ramps up it does look fantastic but Horizon just had a consistent mind blowing detail and even aesthetic all the way through out completely optimized. however from what I've seen of it in HDR in Alphehiem, the world tree and around Midgard the the peak... even just around broks shop on the bridge it might well have topped it on the PRO but haven't seen enough to usge consistency. The environments do worlds for it in that regard though.


China Numba wan!!