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Forums - Sales Discussion - LABO defeating 'God of War' in Japan

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OMG, so surprising! O_O


You should maybe write something about the links in your OP? 

Japan is enamored with handheld gaming significantly more than they are with cinematic Western action games.

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in other news, japanese food is outselling western food in japan.

It does seem like something that might be more readily adopted in Japan than the US.

I preordered the variety pack one out of curiosity, but eh, it's safe to say I'm far more excited for eventually getting around to GoW4.

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Congrats! But I heard GOW isn't that big in Japan. So why is there some comparison between these two? How do they relate to each other?

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PS4 is doomed (in Japan)

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In other news, the grass is green; the sky is blue; And Vegeta is Scottie Pippen to "Air" Goku.

lol anything made by nintendo will beat GOW in japan.

Is Nintendolife is going to do a similar comparison between the two products in the west?