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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Critically Acclaimed Games That You Didn't Get Into

With God of War coming out and the inevitable "This game was over-hyped and over-reviewed" I thought it would be cool to see where everyone disagreed with opinions. For myself:


Okami: I understand why people enjoyed the game, but I just couldn't keep myself to playing it. Game became work for me and the art style pushed me away.

Horizon Zero Dawn: I just finished Uncharted 4 and wanted nothing to do with this game 3 hours in. The tutorial bored me senseless, did not feel like stealthiness, and honestly prehistoric game characters are the worst.

Any Elder Scrolls: Okay, I thought 4 was very alluring with the color and style, but I always stop playing and come back to it weeks later to find out that I have no idea what I was doing. At that point I just stop caring.


Definitely not bad games, I agree 100% with where the reviewers were coming from with the Elder Scrolls and Okami reviews (Horizon dislike is personal preference(.


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Initially the Uncharted series, though I since played them and thought they were fun.

Eh, for whatever reason The Last of Us just doesn't appeal to me. I've no doubt it's great, but I'm just not really into that more cinematic style of game (which is why it took me so long to play uncharted).

The two biggest misses for me given I'm 99% sure I'd love them both are the Mass Effect and Bioshock franchises... I keep meaning to play them but I guess I was just so busy in college that I missed a number of games from that stretch.

Every Uncharted game. I prefer Tomb Raider so much more.
The Mario Galaxy games
The Grand Theft Auto games
Horizon Zero Dawn

Can't think of any big ones right now. Haven't ever played God of War but tbh I don't think I'd be able to get into it.

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I was going to do an almost identical thread and call it "Good games you don't enjoy" (as a response to the "overrated games" thread that I hit a lot of nerves with when I complained about Ocarina of Time).

The list for this thread includes, but is not limited to:

Grand Theft Auto V - Great game in virtually every respect, but I'm not a teenager anymore and I don't enjoy the edgy 'be a criminal, kill a hooker, steal your money back' nonsense. GTA has a great story and characters, but I don't have any desire to play as any of them. I can't relate to a Canadian psychopath, a wannabe gangster, or a rich asshole, and I got bored of 'drive around and do shit' gameplay that was still fresh on the PS2. Again, not a bad game, but its whole schtick isn't fun for me anymore.

Horizon Zero Dawn - I can't actually figure out why I don't like this game. I tried playing it for the better part of 20 hours and I never got invested. The art direction, combat, writing, and pretty much every element was solid (Except the facial animations), but I didn't enjoy a minute of this game. cool to watch, but I did not enjoy playing it, which is a shame because I really wanted to like it but it always felt like a chore.

The Last Of Us - I think this is the closest of the three to a game that I just don't think works. Sure, from a narrative and presentation standpoint it might very well be the best game ever, but from a gameplay standpoint it's just unpleasant for me. I mean, it's not BAD, but steath based games have never been my thing, no matter how much I love the story and characters. Plus, the combat mechanics are pretty bland and simplistic in all the wrong ways. Another game I am so glad exists, but it's not for me.

There are many others, but I figure that's a good start. (And, despite being labeled here as a PS4 fangirl time and again, two of these are well loved PS exclusives).

The Last of Us. Should had been a tv series imo.

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Super Mario Galaxy, i played it for about 2 hours and just stopped, i could appreciate the quality but it wasnt for me.

Since I won't permit myself to critisize a game I never played before, I guess I'll go with the Grand Theft Auto modern games IV-V.

I did had fun though, it was because I was playing mostly the mission that didn't involve killing people or robbing whatever, it's just an archetype of missions that were mostly repetitive if you already played San Andreas. I prefered to play tennis in a GTA game for freaking sake !

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GTA and Uncharted. Although I guess it depends on what you mean by "get into" since I did finish all the mainline Uncharted games. But still both games are pretty ... mediocre.

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The Last of Us. Top-notch production values. Story was good. Gameplay was solid at first, but it never actually goes anywhere. When I was at Hour 15 doing the same stuff as Hour 1 the same way, it became very underwhelming. The same few situations recycled over and over. Shoot runners. Shoot people. Stealth Clickers. Stealth people. Repeat. I'll actually give the sequel a chance if they make a game, but the original is more a great movie with a mediocre game attached, with a few stand-out moments like Elle and the deer.

The Witcher 3: I bought the GOTY edition and played about five hours. I really liked the art style and Geralt and Ciri seemed cool, but the controls just felt broken and horrid to me. When I tried to explore I was punished by enemies way higher leveled and quickly gave up on doing anything but following the set path. I couldn't play it. I probably won't try a sequel of it.

Bloodborne, it's still shrink wrapped :/

Not sure why, just never felt like starting it although I loved Dark souls one and two. Perhaps that was enough depressing deaths.