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Forums - Sony Discussion - Feelings about Uncharted 4?

I'm a couple years late to finally playing this game, and I'm sure it's the unpopular opinion, but I really dislike uncharted 4 compared to all the previous installments. Something about it is extremely boring, and the story is beyond predictable. That said I think the action is top notch like always, love getting into the shootouts, but even still those moments weren't as intense as the other, and the puzzles were extremely lacking. Uncharted 3 still stands as my favorite, and it feels like the series should have stopped there.

I'll be digging into the Lost Legacy next, i heard good things from friends.

Any of you come away disappointed with U4?

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3 is your fav? hmm ok
id say 3 is easily not as good as 2, or maybe even 4. I still enjoy 4. The downtime is a bit too long at times but when you consider they had to scrap a lot of the work (which included a stamina system) to essentially make the game again in a couple of years, I think its fine.

I can see why some ppl dont like UC4, but I think it works in the type of game its trying to be. Theres lot of dynamic action, and the downtime gives good character moments.

It's the best Uncharted. But it has terrible pacing and too much mundane shit going on. It has much better combat and game feel than the other games in the series though.

It's biggest gripe is the beginning 2 hours and the shitty flashbacks. Where as it's mid section is the best stuff the franchise has to offer.

I don't think your opinion is that unpopular. The game was very story driven and it excelled at that, but the gameplay was meh, above average but not amazing. It was also a really long campaign and I got bored.

Some of us argued Rise of The Tomb Raider was actually the superior game, but the story and visuals there are less impressive.

Uncharted 3 was also my favorite and Lost Legacy was actually really good, shorter campaign, less story driven, more action, just a more enjoyable GAME.

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Better than 3, but made me tired of the series. Was a nice ending to the series for me though.

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3 is my least favorite of the main series, so maybe take my opinion with a grain of salt...

4 is excellent, probably the second best after 2. What holds it back is what holds the entire series back: cinematic pretensions. When the game goes on autopilot, either with overlong cutscenes or scripted encounters, it tends to falter. When it trusts players to actually play the game, it’s magnificent. Things start to get really good around chapter 17 and peak around chapter 20.

I haven't played UC4 yet because I wasn't interested enough. I got the game for free from my friend. But I watched the story on Youtube instead. I played 1 and 2 though.
UC 1 was okay. I loved UC 2. But I also felt like I was a bit burned out with the series at that point.

I skipped UC3 as well for the same reason. (Although I have not watched UC3's story on YT.) Maybe some day I'll get to UC3, but I don't think I'll be playing UC4. I have a lot of other games I have yet to play. Like Persona 5...

But I am interested in playing Lost Legacy some day.

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Finished the first two games never finished UC3, tried UC4 but stopped due to flashback fatigue.

It's my least favorite in the series overall. Rafe is not a very good villain, the pacing sucks, some of the platforming is meh, the puzzles were meh.

3 > Lost Legacy > 1 > 2 > 4 imo. 

I just played 4 myself, for the first time. I thought it was a good game, but nothing super special. It is certainly very pretty. The story is incredibly predictable though, and there is too much down time.

I played UC1 for the first time last year. I had a similar opinion of that one - good, not great.

With all of that said, I may play LL at some point, and would consider picking up future entries in the series. I doubt I'll be paying full retail for any of them though.