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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - There might be more Sega ports to Switch

this guy thinks there'll be Saturn and Dreamcast ports . I'm ok with that except I'd be really angry if they ported Panzer dragoon saga that game has extremely high reviews and if you wanna play it it cost 500 dollars sealed Any true Saturn fan that own this game is a bonafide Saturn fan at heart I think the code for saga is extremely hard if so that leaves Us true saturn collectors alone . now that I got that out the way I dont care if they port sega's sega dreamcast games that sega made or saturn games sega made except saga but yeah panzer dragoon 1 and 2 zwei burning rangers etc would be nice on switch heres this guy video below

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Just in case you don't want to watch the video (like me), I'll just provide the article the video was based off, which was in turn using a Reddit thread, which was in turn featuring a TL;DR from ResetEra of the actual source article

The TL;DR by Dooble that was then taken and spread all over the place goes like this:

"First info...

They decided after doing the last 3D Classics wave, it would be a waste to just leave it there.
Alex Kidd was chosen because of how popular he was on the Virtual Console in's likely they will continue to use data like that for deciding future releases.
Gain Ground won't be the only arcade release. There will be more.
15 Titles is the start depending how well it goes they will do more.
There will be Saturn and Dreamcast titles in the future as well, if it goes well beyond the first 15 games.
Rieko Kodama is a producer on the new Sega Ages project..."

The language implies that Saturn and Dreamcast games will be considered for the project should it be a major success.

Not that it'd be a good business decision since you can just throw out an HD remaster and get the full $60 pricetag. ;)



I really think at this stage it's more a case of When rather than If regarding ports to the Switch.

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The only dreamcast games and Saturn games not coming to switch would be most 3rd party exclusives like dreamcast bangai o and triggerheat powerstone and saturns library of shoot em ups and guardian heroes since treasure created that game and other saturn 3rd party exclusives not made by sega . though tengai and gunbird were saturn 3rd party exclusive that got switch ports . But most 3rd party wont come to switch like radiant silvergun :(

I game on all consoles and PC

Just port Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 and get this over with