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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Phil Spencer Respond About The state of Xbox One First party Exclusives and The Answer is Sad


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Phil Spencer took to Twitter to respond to IGN's Ryan McCaffery about the state of Xbox's first party and how it will take time to be on the level of Xbox hardware and services.

Ryan McCaffery IGN wrote : "Xbox fans are DYING to celebrate a masterpiece-level exclusive like God of War. Thing is, though, it took Sony 10 years to get to this point where their 1st party is firing on all cylinders. This work started in PS3 era. Xbox can/might get there but it's going to take a long time."

Phill Spencer replied : "Our hardware took time, our service/platform/BC took time and continuing to grow our 1P will take time. A high quality and diverse 1P (yes, with SP) built the right way is our goal and what our customers deserve. We can have similar results to what we've seen in hw and platform."

So that means Phil  admitted it will take times for Microsoft to make a great ip like SONY first party ip and they still need more time to deliver it to the fans.



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It ain't all that sad a response... it's just non-committed and means, well... nothing. "we could have this and that", but will you? => at the pace Xbox is going, it's rather "never gonna happen", than "it's gonna take time".

I don't see what's sad about that answer.

As far as I'm concerned they already have plenty of good/great IPs this gen and I've had a great time playing them. There's of course a lot room to improve so hopefully that's what he is doing next.

His words don't really fit their actions. Canceling games, closing studios and buying up already popular IPs are not signs of thinking in the long term.

Ryan is wrong, Sony started cultivating 1st party support since the original PS, it didn´t only start with the PS3.

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Hopefully next gen their first party output is a lot better.

He's been saying that since the start of the gen and nothing has happened. Correction, their first party got worse and worse. Phil is all talk and no action

They've had time. Lots of time. They've just made too many mistakes and taken too many wrong turns. Their philosophy keeps changing even though they have the template for success right in front of them.

I guess the real question would be, has Phil Spencer had enough time? He's been head of development for quite awhile but it's impossible to say how much control he's had over the larger picture. As head of Xbox, the clock is ticking and it's all on him this time around.

Still, it's entirely possible that their new studios will get better. I'm sure they have all the resources in the world. We'll see how the next Halo and Gears games perform and Sea of Thieves might turn into something good eventually. That Quantum Break game was a disappointment but Remedy could certainly rebound with something better.

Their 2nd party efforts have clearly been beaten by Sony but it's hard to say if that's poor planning or just bad luck.

They have a lot of work to do, no doubt, but it's possible the situation could improve dramatically, given Microsoft's money and some smart decisions.

That is ok spencer, I will also take my time in buying a xbox. Maybe next gen at this rate.

Take...time? They've been at this since 2001. Thing's aren't really THAT bad with Xbox, but clearly mistakes have been made to be at the point they're at right now. Many, many mistakes.

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