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Forums - Sales Discussion - Metal Gear Survive sold 103,651 first week

84,551 on the PS4 and 19,100 on the Xbox One (physical sales only, of course)

It's not much, but I think it deserved to sell much less.


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I actually viewed that as low myself, but then again I heard almost no hype for the game and I guess it makes sense considering what happened. I don't know what lies in the future of the series.

Better then expected. Probably 130k with digital

Abysmal sales, as it should.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

That's... a lot for what it is.

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Ugh, still too much ...

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More than it deserved imo.

103,651 people love wasting money it seems.

That's less than I expected and more than it deserves. Hopefully Konami learns from this and doesn't try to milk anything like this again.

This is bad. But they asked for it. I hope the game wasn't profitable for Konami.