Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Capcom bringing back "ONIMUSHA"?

have found that capcom put up a new trademark for onimusha...e3 is around the corner, or maybe i read to much into...

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It's gonna be a cheap remaster than no one will care about. Either that, or a browser game.

I hope so!

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I bet it's gonna be a remaster. Not that that is bad.

Nioh has blown any interest I'd have in this unless they somehow manage to do it right...actually, now with Monster Hunter world success they might have renewed vigor to actually pull through and try and turn this into a winner. I'll keep my eye on it.


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If so, then it's only because of the sucess of Nioh and the hypeness for Ghost of Tsushima.

Capcom didnt have the balls to release a new Onimusha last gen cause they said it wouldn't be appealing enough to the west.

One would hope as most people have already said with the success of japanese focused games in the west.

one can only dream

Onimusha was a game I liked so perhaps it is a good idea.

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Too late, now we have Nioh.