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Forums - Gaming Discussion - "DEEP DOWN" are you alive?

do you remember deep down, the game from capcom what were announced 2013 alongside with the ps4?

now we have 2018, but since 3 years there is no sign, was it cancelled?...not officially...

a game what remember a little at the dark soul games, and the last what we have seen of this game, were a trailer at tgs 2014...


do you think this game even exists, or capcom will come up with a new trailer this year e3...?

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They'll use those assets for dragon's dogma 2 probably. Then again, I don't know how it works. I remember they told it was running on their phanta rei engine. Either that engine was a failure to develop for, or they just don't know what to do with the game anymore. Seeing how they changed to free to play, then back again to the drawing board.

Crazy how this looked impossibly good when it was first announced, but five years later God of War 4 actually looks even better.

I remember it. Was really hyped for it, probably due in part to the fact I had just finished the criminally under-appreciated Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen when it was announced. Maybe we'll get a nice surprise at E3, but I'd bet against it.

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Was a fun game to play. Too bad nothing came of itm

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Thought it would be a good game. Too bad it didn’t release.

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Totally forgot about this one lol. DId peak my interest back in the day so hope they still make it.



the game was made with Panta Rhei engine and Capcom never managed to complete that one, so unless they transfered it over to a different engine (I imagine lots of stuff would have to be recreated) it's probably dead

its dead, its been dead,saddens me :(

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At least capcom filed a second Trademark in February 2017 (it probably means nothing)