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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will Microsoft look for redemption or will they hold off?

Was thinking about this a lot lately. At this point of last gen Sony had started pumping out quality exclusives which won gamers back on their side. It was also around now that they'd had to decide will they release one last wave of games on the ps3 or hold them off for next gen. They chose to go ahead and release gran turismo 6, uncharted 3, god of war ascension, the last of us etc pretty late on the ps3. 


Now what will Microsoft do. Their next gen console is probably 2 to 3 years away. Do they pump out another halo, another gears, a few more forzas and maybe even fable over the next 2 years or so on xbox one? Or will they hold off, give the developers more time to perfect and then unleash a bombardment of AAA titles for the xbox 2's first year and launch window.


It's hard to know what to do but if they have all their games releasing on xbox one over its last 2 years it's going to be hard to create a top class line up for their next console. What would you do and what do you think they will do? 

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the next Gears and Halo will be on Xbox One. Halo this year I think, Gears next year. MS can't save up for anything because they don't have enough studios. They would release next to nothing for the next 2.5 years. Halo this year would give them enough time to get Halo 7 out in the first year of X2 if it releases in 2020 as is most likely. I don't really buy into it, but they said their idea of generations were over anyway. Rather than worrying about release window, they should be more worried with the slow but steady commercial and critical decline of the Halo and Gears games and what they could do to change that

I just hope they understand that they are being made to look very very bad with their current output of games, and the reputation they are earning isn't one they can simply wave away at the start of a new gen.

They should look to do both. This generation isn't over yet and could potentially last until late 2021 ...

That will give them about 4 years to both maintain their current trust with their customers and to prepare for the next generation ...

Microsoft is more than capable of redemption like we saw when they transitioned with the original Xbox to the 360 ... 

John2290 said:
They should pull a Nintendo and unleash a firestorm of high quality brand exclusive just as the Xbox Next is about to release and also have those games release on X1. They can't spread themselves thin now but they can't hold exclusives to just 9th gen either and piss off X1 owners. This is of course assuming they are actually building a catalogue behind the scenes.

^ very much agree.

Gen is over for them at this point, I dont think they can get redemption at this point.
better to just ride this out for a year or two more, and just make a huge splash with the next Xbox.

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I hope that they release some more high-profile games on the Xbox One, they just released the X last year so they can't abandon it that quickly, can they?

VGPolyglot said:
I hope that they release some more high-profile games on the Xbox One, they just released the X last year so they can't abandon it that quickly, can they?

They cant afford to give Sony a year headstart.
So if Sony launches in 2019.... so does MS.

It might "burn" a few xbox users, that just barely got their xbox one x (nov7 2017 = basically early 2018), but yeah......
they really cant afford to give PS5 a year alone on the market.

It would suck if you just spent 500$ on a xbox one x,
and year or two lateron, you ll have to buy a Xbox Two, but thats just how it goes.

I expect the usual fare from MS for the rest of the gen. More Halo and Forza are practically given. I could see the next Fable taking longer to develop and end up being cross gen. Gears could go either way. Unless they surprise us they'll probably save any big new IP's for next gen (or cross). Until then they'll probably fill the holes with more timed exclusives and such. Game Pass should keep growing, though.

It doesn't have to be one or the other. They can create (or rather have begun already) a structure that allows them to have an efficient development cycle for releasing games on a regular basis. This will overlap with the end of production of the Xbox One, and the release of whatever the next box is called.

As far as this gen's not exactly too late considering the new life expectancy of consoles. They may not and probably will not surpass the other guys but they can undoubtedly make this run a successful one... however ...before going forward a few things need to be addressed.

The mentality is the battle is over...the war has just begun.

In order for a successful turn around MS has to fix the issues they have NOW. Even if those tactics are in no relation to next gen given the notion that they should be.

Marketing wise they need a better strategy for leverage and consumer appeal. (But I'm jumping the gun considering MSs notoriety.)

If it was my call I would place emphasis on hardware first opposed to first party studio development. Even though I'm aware that route could be detrimental.

I say that because if they are going to regain leverage in the era of pc based consoles the primary focus should be on their bread and butter. Find ways to deliver a cost effective new product and introduce something revolutionary in its own regard.

(They're showing signs with MR.)

I say let the first party notion come in time. We now live in a time when developers are in abundance more than ever. We constantly hear about defective employees forming their own studios, new studios in general, buy outs and let's not forget what it takes to draw those developers in Something MS has at its disposal.

Again I'm certain MS is by no means hitting the panic button. They're doing exactly what they should be doing and thats resorting back to the drawing board.


Edit: Sorry I meant to address your topic. I think positioning is going to play a critical role next gen. If they release their next console before Sony...that allows Sony to gain leverage in the hardware department something MS can ill afford. But if they release it too late after Sony they might be facing a consumer with tunnel vision and one that was relatively lost to Sony. Its definitely a timing thing. Major part of marketing strategy.

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