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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Dark Souls-like Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption coming to Switch


Publisher Another Indie and developer Dark Star Game Studios have delayed Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption from its previously planned April 25 release date to Q3 2018, and have added a Switch version alongside the previously announced PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac versions. All platforms will receive a simultaneous launch and cost $18.99, with language support for English, Spanish, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.


Dark Star Game Studios is composed of AAA veterans including a former Ubisoft art director, Konami senior programmer and a Blizzard technical artist.

To atone for his wicked crimes, Adam, a soldier with a dark past, must set out on a quest for redemption and face off against monstrous enemies based on the seven deadly sins. His vile deeds and history with these beasts will unfold as he draws closer to absolution.

Sacrifice a part of Adam before each duel and receive a permanent debuff, resulting in reduced health, strength or equipment for the entirety of the journey. Each battle will become tougher than the last as debuffs stack, but new gear can be obtained by successfully conquering trials.

If all hope is lost, revive a defeated enemy to regain a sacrificed attribute and revisit the battle later. Experiment to find the optimal path to redemption or take on all debuffs simultaneously from the start for a challenging and rewarding journey.

Sinner allows the player to choose a difficulty that fits them best while facing off in diverse battles,” said Another Indie director of developer relations Iain Garner in a press release. “Whether they are in search of the easiest order of bosses to fight or if they want to start the game with the most difficult conditions, Sinner tailors the adventure to them.”


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It is cheaper than I thought.

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Interesting concept with the debuffs. Looks a bit like a goofy Dark Souls.

Interesting. It's cheap to, might pick it up when it comes out.

I need to see more footage. But more Dark Souls is good.

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Looks interesting. Will keep my eye on it.

In before the, "They delayed it for the Switch version, Switch is holding other platforms back" posts start rolling in.

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looks goooood, i need a solid frame rate and am good to go.
I don't know why but it gave me a infinity blade vibe