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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What game will be Switch's first 3 million seller in Japan at retail?


Switch's first retail 3 million seller in Japan?

Splatoon 2 34 80.95%
Super Mario Odyssey 0 0%
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 1 2.38%
Yo-kai Watch 4 0 0%
Super Smash Bros 1 2.38%
Pokemon 4 9.52%
Animal Crossing 1 2.38%
Dragon Quest XI 1 2.38%
1-2-Switch :P 0 0%
Other 0 0%
What do you think will be first Nintendo Switch game to sell 3 million copies in Japan? and when?

Some helpful info:

Current Top 5 Selling Switch Games in Japan

# Title Release Date JP Sales (04/08/18)
1 Splatoon 2 (07/21/17) 2,213,576
2 Super Mario Odyssey (10/27/17) 1,684,107
3 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (04/28/17) 1,460,835
4 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (03/03/17) 947,541
5 1-2-Switch (03/03/17) 427,721
Recent Best Sellers

Title Release Date JP Sales (04/08/18)
Kirby Star Allies 03/16/18) 392,413
Key Upcoming Titles

Title Release Date
Nintendo Labo 04/20/18
Yo-Kai Watch 4 Summer 2018
Super Smash Bros 2018
Fire Emblem 2018
Pokemon 2018/19
Dragon Quest XI TBA

Key Upcoming DLC

Title Release Date
Splatoon 2 Octo-Expansion Summer 2018
Donkey Kong/Story Mario + Rabbids DLC 2018

Possible Upcoming Announcements?

Animal Crossing
2D Mario
Monster Hunter
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I think the Splatoon 2 DLC will push it over the edge.

edit: With digital we can't deny the possibility that it's past 3 million already

If 2D Mario or Pokemon releases this year. That one. Otherwise, Splatoon 2 has no competition. Splatoon will be there within in a year and there is nothing announced that can beat it to the punch.

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melbye said:

I think the Splatoon 2 DLC will push it over the edge.

edit: With digital we can't deny the possibility that it's past 3 million already

Hmm yeah, maybe I'll make it at retail only since that's easier to track.

Splatoon 2. Is there even any doubt?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Unless Pokemon is actually ready to go for this year, it'll be between either Splatoon 2 or Animal Crossing. But, that's assuming Animal Crossing is announced and released this year. It only took 'New Leaf' 10 weeks to reach the numbers that Splatoon 2 are at now as of This Update. And if it releases in the Holiday Season it'll take even less time than that!
If it DOES get announced and released this year, it'll be a close two horse race between them. If not, than Splatoon 2, easily.

If AC and Pokemon releases this year, then its one of those 2 ( I feel like AC will release first). If they both release next year, then I guess Splatoon 2.

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Spla2oon will probably hit 3M first, but Dragon Quest XI would probably hit 3M in likely half the time it took for Splat, just because of the fact that it's a new release of a mainline Dragon Quest.

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Splatoon 2 will hit it by the end of the year. Animal Crossing will probably release this year but will be at like 2 million end of year. Pokemon will probably come out when Splatoon is already at like 3.5 million.

A year from now though Splatoon will be over 3 million, Mario, Animal Crossing, Smash, and Mario Kart will all be over 2 million, and Pokemon the behemoth will be nearing launch.