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Forums - Sony Discussion - Will PS4 reach 80 million before E3?

So far in 2018 on VGC, the PS4 is tracking slightly behind 2017. Of course by March 31st last year the PS4 already had it's hit exclusive Horizon in Feburary, where as GoW is yet to come out. This might have something to do with it? Who knows?

The PS4 started 2017 off with 53.4 million units and sold 60.4 million by June 11th (7 million units in 5 months and 11 days). The PS4 started off 2018 with 73.6 million units and by April has sold 77.6 million according to VGC. Is it likely that by the beginning of June, the PS4 will have reached 80 million units sold through? Seems like it to me. 

Do you agree?

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probably already is or within a million.

it honestly might..... if it does, they should state so.

What 1 million a month. Just might ekk it out. Shipment would certainly be withing reach by now tho.

With the power of GoW, it just might!

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Shipment sure no problem. Sales possibly. God of war will really help. Monster Hunter and shadow of the colossus helped keep sales up early on. And god of war plus detroit should too. I'd say yes.

Sony announces 80m at e3. Sounds good.

unless it starts boosting some bigger numbers, i say no

we'll see though with the GOW and Detroit numbers though

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Possible, if not it will be close.

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Kind of on topic but recently gotten hard to find a PS4 silm most stores here have it out of stock and they don't know when will the next shipping be. Any news on low PS4 silm stocks?


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I would love Sony to go ahead and permanently lower the price to $199 just to see what sort of growth it would have for the rest of the year. $299 for a 4 1/2 year old console seems a bit high.