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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Etrian Odyssey X announced for 3DS

Etrian Odyssey X announced for 3DS

Due out on August 2 in Japan.

Atlus has announced Etrian Odyssey X (Cross), the final 3DS entry in the 3D dungeon RPG series. It will launch on August 2 in Japan for 6,480 yen.  

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website and Atlus’ press release:


Adventurers all over the world. Gather in the flying city of “Maginia,” and aim for the treasure on the remote island in the distant sea.

Under the decree of Princess Persephone, adventurers gathered in the flying city of “Maginia.” Wealth, honor, and possibly unknown adventure lies dormant in “Lemuria.” Keep your pride in your heart, and move forward—.

A Crossover of Classes

Create your party from 19 classes, including every class from previous Etrian Odyssey games and the brand-new “Hero” class.

The full list of classes is as follows:

  • Bushido
  • Farmer
  • Gunner
  • Hero (New)
  • Highlander
  • Imperial
  • Landsknecht
  • Medic
  • Mystic
  • Nightseeker
  • Paladin
  • Prince / Princess
  • Pugilist
  • Ranger
  • Reaper
  • Shinobi
  • Shogun
  • War Magus
  • Zodiac

Unprecedented Volume

Many untrodden labyrinths lie dormant in the new setting of “Lemuria, the Remote Island of the Distant Sea.” The volume of the game is the greatest in the series thus far. Draw maps to your heart’s content! Can you solve the mystery of an ancient civilization?

Refined Systems

A crossover of the series’ systems make for the highest quality game. Systems include character creation, sub-classes, Force Burst / Force Break, and difficulty levels. Systems unique to the series such as drawing maps with the stylus are also present.

First-Print Purchase Bonus

First-print purchases for Etrian Odyssey X will include the “New Adventurers Illustration Pack” downloadable content, which contains five class illustrations from guest illustrators. The full list is as follows:

  • Shigatake – Illustration Theme: Farmer
  • Yuki Takahata (FLIPFLOPs) – Illustration THeme: Gunner
  • Shirow Miwa – Illustration Theme: Nightseeker
  • Mota – Illustration Theme: Medic
  • Shigenori Soejima – Illustration Theme: Project Re Fantasy (Special Collaboration)


  • Director: Shigeo Komori (Etrian Odyssey series, Etrian Odyssey Untold series, etc.)
  • Character Design: Yuji Himukai (Etrian Odyssey series, Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle, etc.)
  • Composer: Yuzo Koshiro (Ys, ActRaiser, Etrian Odyssey series, etc.)
  • Monster Design: Shin Nagasawa (Etrian Odyssey, etc.)
Watch the announcement trailer below. View a set of screenshots at the gallery. 


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Hmm, another 3DS game. I wonder how many more unnanounced 3DS games there are that will be trickling out.

When you think 3DS is dead.......

it's not.

God bless You.

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Best little handheld RPG series ever!

So this is the EO game for 3DS that Atlus was alluding to in a previous interview. Etrian Odyssey VI on Switch then.

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RolStoppable said:
So this is the EO game for 3DS that Atlus was alluding to in a previous interview. Etrian Odyssey VI on Switch then.

Hopefully. They also could wrap it up and say that's it with EO. That would be sad.

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I am hoping they figure out a way to bring it to the Switch and other single screen devices.

Even if they have to get the map drawing done via menu or whatever, I would prefer to see the series out live the DS and 3DS lines as it is a fun and challenging series. 

Not to mention I would love to see how it looks on a stronger console like the Switch. If the jump from DS to 3DS is a barometer it would be awesome .

I love EO games to death, but enough with the 3DS. The Switch to ermmm Switch ought to be spectacular.

Swwwweeeet :) another EtrianOdyssey for the 3DS!

But why is it called "Cross" instead of 6?

I'm beginning to worry about the Etrian Odyssey series. They seem to really want to stay on the 3DS as much as possible (and considering they recycle quite a lot of things from game to game, it's understandable), but there has to be a moment to jump. I know the lack of a doublescreen is a big hit on the series, but I'd be more at ease if they'd confirmed a dual Switch/3DS release.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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