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Forums - Sony Discussion - Why was the ps vita not called PSP2?

like what?

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Ehh Vita sounds nicer imo, PSP2 is a bit of a mouthful (like Xbox 1 X). Vita is a nice nickname.

One word too long ?

The problem with Vita was not the name.

Eh. I guess Sony wanted to try their hand at unique naming. In retrospect, the device probably would’ve been a crap ton more successful if it had PSP2 for its name instead.

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you want people to associate with already established name already. like thats a basic business principal 

Sony wanted to create a device that was lively, that's why.

Just another of the major mistakes Sony made with the system. I don't think anyone can explain the mess Sony has made of its Portable/Mobile business. There is absolutely no logic behind the decisions they made. There playbook with Xperia and Vita, is basically the ultimate way to drive your business into the ground.

Vita would have made since if they had sold it as a Phone, and put consumers in a posistion where they were PlayStation only, at home and on the go. However, they fail to deliver, and thus the name makes no sense. The PlayStation Life is a lonely, unconnected, and unsupported road to nowhere.

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The name won't matter. Phone/tablet hardware improves at a much faster pace than handhelds. Today's phones can run games Vita no longer can at higher resolution.

They wanted a name with an ironic meaning.