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Forums - Website Topics - ONE comes on top. None should hold back!

A week ago, an announcement made by Head Moderator Miguel Zorro stipulated a new mod structure that clearly puts himself in a position of absolute power among the moderators, with his most "faithful followers" in makeshift positions of power. Concerns were raised and quickly belittled; their authors unnecessarily incriminated and villainized. Even mocked. The fact that it was a thread posted under the "Website feedback" category was conveniently disregarded, with the constant claim that it was just an announcement thread and feedback had no place in it.

 But if we care about this community, it is only natural that we raise concerns whenever we see anything happening that seems questionable. It is critical that we do not hold back when asking the very important questions, that we voice our disagreements and, if it comes down to it, denounce abuse. Not privately as those in power would want us to, but as publicly as possible. As one of the main reasons public channels exists, is to keep those on top in check.

After all, it is our much beloved community, the one being used to play power at.


PS - The Mod feedback thread counts as private because only few people care about it.



User warned - Bristow9091

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Oh shit, I hadn't even realized that it was actually in the website feedback section when I was told that feedback wasn't asked In any case, I'm surprised that you ended up making a thread on the subject at this point in time, I had assumed that most people would have forgotten/stopped checking that thread.

Do you want BraLoD the Great to come to your rescue?


I’m curious about the ‘abuse’ comment. Where are the examples of this from Miguel?


Look what you've done Axum!!! LOOK AT THE CHAOS YOU MADE!

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Oh, I see it's conspiracy Monday again.

Like I just told people in Discord.


Now I can only imagine Miguel going



so silly lol

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VGPolyglot said:


OK, so I noticed that CGI edited his post, but there is no edit statement under it. However, mine had an edit statement, even though I did it mere seconds afterwards. Is there a grace period for mods not having the edited statement show up?

Just abusin’ powers ;P