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Forums - Sony Discussion - The PS4 really should have backwards compatibility!

So guys, I just upgraded my PS4 external hard drive from my 2TB to a 4TB, and with that I moved my 2TB one to the Xbox One. Well, guess what? With all that newfound space on my Xbox One, I decided that I may as well also install my Xbox and Xbox 360 games that were backwards compatible. I believe that it ended up with around 29 games (2 OG Xbox and 27 360), and man it just makes things so much more convenient!

My PS3, unlike all of my other consoles, is upstairs in the living room. What that means essentially is that I do not have the same access to it as I do with my other consoles. So, the only time I can really use it is when my parents are gone (since they don't really like me using the living room TV while they're around ). So it'd just be so much more practical if Sony did what Microsoft did and allowed PS3 backwards compatibility. Now, PS1 and PS2 would be nice as well, but I'm not holding my breath for that so I think the PS3 is a nice short-term goal. In any case, I have like 150+ PS3 games that I don't really have the most ideal solution to play, and if it has the same percentage of compatibility that the 360 has at the moment that'd give me around 70 or so games to play! Sony really should just swallow their pride and allow for backwards compatibility, it may be a pain in the ass for them, sure, but it's not like it's unfeasible considering that the Xbox One is able to do it.

Guys, I know we've had this discussion pretty frequently on here, but do you agree? I just really wanted to bring it up again considering my renewed interest in the idea.

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Sony would rather you rebuy the game via Now. MS went the consumer friendly route with how they implemented BC.

They really should, I completely agree. It was a really great move on Microsoft's part to implement it for Xbox One.

It would be convenient for those who like to replay older games, but since we're talking about a minority, it doesn't make much sense for Sony to waste time and resources in such a feature. Let's not forget that creating a ps3 emulator for e relatively weak hw such as the ps4 is no small feat.

To be honest though, I don't even have the time to keep up with the endless stream of high quality games releasing on the ps4, to the point where I don't know if it would make sense for me to buy GOW at D1 since I would probably play it several months from now...I don't see why anyone would be willing to play ps3 games when there's so much goodness coming out on the ps4.

I would love that, yeah!

BC on Xbox One has been a real treat this gen.

That said, I don't know what the ROI would be for Sony. The company is selling tons of hardware and software without BC. I don't think a lot of consumers are using BC as a benchmark to measure the attractiveness of Xbox One vs. PS4; I think they're focused on new titles.

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John2290 said:
No. More reasons to go on time wasting nostalgia trips down gamery lane that lead nowhere but disappointment or take a chance on a widely popular series you never tried only to find it has aged like dog shite all the while new games pile up. Fuck that, there is enough new games, we don't need to replay old games. I really like this new console full reset, keeps me from doing dumb shit like that and I'm sure Sony realize this too, better to have people playing new games than old games. Just gotta remember to keep your PS4 next time when buying the PS5 and you're golden.

It's not a time-wasting nostalgia trip, you know that I can play 5th-gen early 3D games just fine? PS3 games haven't aged as poorly as you'd like to believe, the 6th gen and the twin-stick controls essentially paved the way for modern console gaming. If Sony truly thought their PS3 games were shit we wouldn't have GoW3 Remastered, Nathan Drake Collection, Last of Us Remastered, etc.

This has been said countless times but.. PS4 apparently cannot run PS3 games through emulation because it simply isn't powerful enough to emulate PS3's unique architecture.

On the other hand, BC with PS1 and PS2 should have been implemented from the start. Not having that is downright anti-consumer as far as I know.

VGPolyglot said:

So it'd just be so much more practical if Sony did what Microsoft did and allowed PS3 backwards compatibility. Now, PS1 and PS2 would be nice as well, but I'm not holding my breath for that so I think the PS3 is a nice short-term goal. 

Wait, you think Sony should push for PS3 BC even though its virtually impossible for them to do so and that PS1 and PS2 are the long term goals?

You do know that it would be infinitively easier to port over PS1 and PS2 games right?

I don't care about bc as a feature. I'm not a very nostalgic person. If I wanted to play an old game, I would just crank up my old consoles. I buy new consoles to play current gen games. Sometimes, I'll play a remaster though.

Better focus on remastering PS3 games so they can be played on 60FPS at least, the same goes for PS4 titles, which today run at 30 FPS will get remastered for PS5 to be able to be played at 60FPS.