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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [PotW] What Motivates You To Buy a New Console?


What motivates you to buy a new console?

Bundles/Game Pack-ins 42 4.04%
New Colors 21 2.02%
Price Cut 154 14.82%
New Game Releases 587 56.50%
Hardware Redesign 170 16.36%
Other 65 6.26%

This week's Poll of the Week is a refresh from an old 2009 poll:

"What Gives You The Greatest Motivation To Buy A New Console?"

With a variety of recent changes by console manufacturers to prepare for the upcoming holidays, millions of people are preparing to buy new consoles. However, these all come with a reason. So, vote in the poll and share with the site what is usually your main reason for purchasing a new console. Even if your answer is a combination of reasons, try to pick your biggest reason for getting a new console.


Bundles/Game Pack-ins

New Colors

Price Cut

New Game Releases

Hardware Redesign


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New hardware meaning new possibilities and potentially better looking games, more stable frame rates and well, just the good old fashioned fun to get new upgraded hardware cause why not

Mainline pokemon games.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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It's always about the games man.

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I don't have an XOne or a PS4 because I don't need it, and the titles on the systems don't interest me.
I do have a Switch because: I have a soft spot for handhelds, and it is the only machine (for now) that can play Nintendo's first party titles.

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Exclusives and a decent library overall. Super Smash Bros. and Persona is all you need to make me buy a Nintendo system and a PlayStation respectively.

Even an Xbox One bundle that’s more than half off wouldn’t interest me cause I simply don’t care for its game selection.


The fact you did not include exclusives is very disappointing.

While new game releases can be exclusive, they can also be mult-plat.

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Love new tech

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Simple - games.