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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which classic series/title you wanna see make a comeback? (exclusive)

preferably titles that haven't seen a new game/remake since PS2/PSP. so stuff 2gens and older. ps1 and ps2. 

I have a couple


I'd first love to see a Blasto super hero inspired game. 


second one is dark cloud, there is no reason to not have a cartoony young adventure game similar to zelda but somewhat different depending on the developers vision. take a twist on it basically.


third one is The Getaway, while the abundance of open world games is plenty now. I think this can be rebooted into a really deserving open-world third person heist game.

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Tenchu. If Ghost of Tsushima ends up being as much a ninja game as a samurai one, that would be close enough.

Dino Crisis and Onimusha

Great AAA 2D Mickey Mouse games like Castle of Illusion and Mickey Mania.

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Now that Quake showed me, Evil Twin. Or just a Coraline platformer. Or just a platformer with a Coraline/Tim Burton style. The Nightmare Before Christmas video game was pretty cool from what I remember. 

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Jak and Daxter or just a new Daxter game.

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Wild Arms. Nope to that mobile game.

I agree with The Getaway.

Honestly not many forgotten exclusive franchises they could bring back ...

The ones that even remotely show the most amount of promise would be Syphon Filter, Rogue Galaxy along with Dark Cloud ...


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