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Forums - General Discussion - Android 17 is the MVP, Frieza and Goku best tag team

If my younger self from the DBZ era saw this episode he would have a heart attack. I did not expect Goku and Frieza to fight so well together; their combination being on point was simply spectacular and satisfying to watch. Overall I'm satisfied with the conclusion of DB:Super, and I'm looking forward to the next story arc whenever it comes next year.

Just look at this heart shape. This is bromance in the fighting arena my friends. I gotta say this though, Frieza remains my favorite villain/friendly rival.


Frieza & Goku teams up against Jiren ( Subbed ) HD

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It was an amazing end. The lead up to the finale is everything I love about dragon ball. I was beginning to hate Super, the middle arc (namely Goku black) was so boring and the animation was getting on my nerve, but they redeem themselves with the universal survival arc. Can't wait to see what is in store for us in the future.