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Forums - General Discussion - Have you heard about Chris Chan?

The man who wrestled with 4chan - maybe the deepest rabbit hole on YouTube.



"Just remember, there are many sides to a mountain and many ways to climb it. If you get stopped, back off, regroup, and try to find another way. If you are still not successful, maybe it is not meant to be. Accept it as experience and go after something else for a while. If it is meant to be, having it in the backburner simmering for a while is not bad. It will pop up again, and the way to attain it will be there. Everything in it's time." - Bob Chandler

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Yeah, I was actually watching that Comprehensive History series myself. He obviously has personal issues that he hasn't been able to manage and take a hold of.

Yes! I have seen like 3 videos on him the past week. Honestly I feel more bad for him than anything. He'd probably be pretty normal had he gotten mental help early on in his life.

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

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Been aware of him since 2008. It's a strange story for sure.

Sometimes I wish he were just the most amazing troll in history. I dream one day he'll reveal it was all an act.

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I'm subbed to CwcvilleGuardian they uploaded a video of chris chan today they always upload like 5 chris chan vids in 3 weeks of what hes currently doing right now so I know every month he is not dead he currently is selling his half brother stuff

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Oh, hell yeah, my dude. He's the best. No one puts out content as regularly as he does.
Also, he made the excellent creative choice of (essentially) completely annihilated a whole story arc in his comic by a Facebook update. A really bold choice.

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