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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Announced

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is coming to Switch, SNK and NIS America announced during a panel at PAX East 2018 today. Digital Eclipse (Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection) is working on the project. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection launches this fall. A limited edition will be available, pictured below.

SNK and NIS America announced SNK 40th Anniversary Collection at PAX East 2018 today. Switch was confirmed as one of the package’s platforms, and as it turns out, will actually be the only system it will be appearing on.

NIS America has passed along the official announcement for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, confirming that it will be exclusive to Switch. You can read the full PR below;

Santa Ana, CA (April 6, 2018) – NIS America is excited to announce SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for Nintendo Switch, coming Fall 2018. The collection features many of SNK’s classics from the 1980s before the Neo Geo, and re-introduces and updates these classics for the modern era.

This collection will feature the following titles and more (to be announced):

1. Alpha Mission (Console/Arcade)
2. Athena (Console/Arcade)
3. Crystalis (Console)
4. Ikari Warriors (Console/Arcade)
5. Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (Console/Arcade)
6. Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue (Console/Arcade)
7. Guerrilla War (Console/Arcade)
8. P.O.W. (Console/Arcade)
9. Prehistoric Isle (Arcade)
10. Psycho Soldier (Arcade)
11. Street Smart (Arcade)
12. TNK III (Console/Arcade)
13. Vanguard (Arcade)

About the Game:

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of legendary studio SNK! To celebrate this extraordinary milestone, a variety of classic arcade games from SNK’s golden age are coming back together in one anthology on Nintendo Switch as SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, with a treasure trove of features!

Key Features:

A Collection of Classics in Your Hands! – Take a piece of SNK history with you wherever you go on Nintendo Switch. – Choose from over a dozen titles and experience an intense blast from the past!
– Modern Meets Retro! – The convenience and improvements of modern gaming are all in the collection! Rewind and save at any time while you’re playing, enjoy updated graphics at 1080p resolution, and experience redesigned control schemes for a modern feel!
– Enter the SNK Museum – An extensive history of SNK and its games await in the Museum Mode. Explore the legacy of one of Japan’s leading developers with high definition artwork and original promotional assets!

Pre-Order Limited Edition now here:

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Ah nice, I'll be looking out for this.

"Switch is the only platform for this" disappointed me a bit at first, but then I saw the list of games and my disappointment quickly passed.

Not even one king of fighters game. No buy for me

Pinkie_pie said:
Not even one king of fighters game. No buy for me

Well, the compilation is specifically pre-Neo Geo.

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At 1st glance, those games don't really seem appealing, but maybe some of them are fun. Also, I hope that box art isn't the final one. I'd hope it at least has something on it.



Dance my pretties!

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feels strange not recognising a single game name there.

Why not check me out on youtube and help me on the way to 2k subs over at

I've heard that Crystalis is good.

Only ever heard about Ikari Warriors, thanks to AVGN.
That's not a good sign though, seems unplayable without cheating.

Wonder what games will be added, and what updates will be made to them. Really hope they use the arcade version for Ikari Warriors, the NES version has not aged well at all. To say the least.


Xen said:
"Switch is the only platform for this" disappointed me a bit at first, but then I saw the list of games and my disappointment quickly passed.

Why is that? That's a pretty solid list of games from the pre NEO-GEO era. It even has SNKs best game of all time on it, Crystalis. What games would you like to see added that werent on the list as of now?