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Forums - Sony Discussion - What will sell better on PS4: God of War or Spider-Man?


What will sell better on PS4: God of War or Spider-Man?

God of War 44 47.83%
Spider-Man 34 36.96%
Virtually a tie 14 15.22%

Simple question, what will get more sales? While at one point it looks logical to some that God of War sell more, Spider-Man is getting a crazy amount of hype and it is the first real big first party AAA featuring the superhero, besides the imense ppularity of the character. What do you think? Here is their top 5 games according to VgChartz:

God of War:

  1. God of War 3(PS3) - 4.81m
  2. God of War (PS2) - 4.45m
  3. God of War 2(PS2) - 4.07m
  4. God of War: Chains of Olympus(PSP) - 3.19m
  5.  God of War Collection (PS3) - 2.60m


  1. Spider-Man: The Movie(PS2) - 4.48m
  2. Spider-Man 2 (PS2) - 3.41m
  3. Spider-Man (PS1) - 3.13m
  4. Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (PS1) - 1.55m
  5. Spider-Man: The Movie (XB) - 1.40m

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I think Spiderman takes it.... but it ll be close.
Pretty sure both go well above 5m sales too.

The year spiderman was announced I remember saying spiderman had the potential to sell 10m and a few guys here were laughing and said no. I don't know which will sell more but both could sell 10m

Tough question actually. I think Spiderman has more potential to sell well, could sell crazy well even. But GOW is the more established gaming franchise and is a safer bet to sell well. If I had to I'd say Spiderman will do better, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if GOW sells more instead.

Spider-Man is a bigger franchise overall than God of War and i think people are hungry for a good Spider-Man game. I think God of War will sell 7-8 million while Spider-Man can go as high as 11-12 million with 10 million being a definite

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God of war with around 7-8m sales.

Spiderman will sell around 4-5m

Crazy we're talking double digit numbers for Sony first party titles, outside GT, its rare.

But for sales Spiderman > GOW

15 million for GoW, and the same if Spider-Man reviews over 90 on MC

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

It's tough for me because both look so good. I want Spider-Man to be a bigger game because I love Marvel and I love Insomniac.
Spider-Man has a bigger market but God of War is an established franchise for Sony.