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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - RUMOR: Code Vein maybe can be released for Switch in 2019

The Leaker is the same guy who leaked the last Nintendo Direct and he was correct about everything that would be present at the event.

oh and he changed his twitter from @vandal_leaks to @LeakyPandy.


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"-Switch version canned as of feb. 2018, comming 2019 if at al"

At this point I will be more surprised if it won’t.


i would love to see this on the Switch :)

These rumors get worse and worse. They are basically just speculation that anyone with anyone knowledge of anything could have.

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It's only going to be worthwhile if it's actually a good game. Late ports of mediocre/bad games are almost pointless.

i sincerely doubt it would come to switch

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Definitely possible, but too late for me to care tbh.

They never even announced a Switch version, did they?

I'd get it. Looks stylish.