Forums - General Discussion - List what you have unsuspectingly fallen for today, here. Are you a fool?

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love April fools 2 22.22%
Hate April fools 0 0.00%
Depends on how the day goes ^^ 3 33.33%
Idifferent/comments/middle america... 4 44.44%

Social blade got me first withoutparolegames YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics - yet I was tired enough in the morning to just think, what the fuck and be done with it. I got hit again by a family member and an odd text still not noticing the joke and taking it seriously until I got hit again in the afternoon with this.

Basking in the possibility of a nice hot summer ahead for just a moment I read the comments and realized the date. Well balls.

Did ya'll get hit with anything or do you prepare your brain in the morning to be on high alert this April first?

I'll most likely get hit again by the time the day is out and not even notice. Fuck this day. lol.


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I haven't fallen for anything yet myself, still got some hours before the day's over though I guess.


Pornhub genuinely surprised me for about 2 seconds with its Hornhub thing.

Metallox said:

Pornhub genuinely surprised me for about 2 seconds with its Hornhub thing.

Lol, I got chicks, top porn stars maybe, playing horned intruments then refreshed and got a page full of the horns of dead animals. The first one was funny, the second, in terms of pornhub was a bit of the sickening side, lol. 

This popular korean actor of him dating a normal citizen. Because his ex quickly moved on and dated another popular actor, so I wasn't really surprised if he moved on as well lol.

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I can't remember ever getting caught like I did by the God Of War delayed thread. At least as an adult. I'd like to blame it on having just awoken, but a get is a get, and I got got. grrrr.


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kinda hard to fall for stuff on april fools. but i have gotten enjoyment out of ''announcements'' that have been made like ffxiv go, and sonic 06 switch release with collectors edtion. I wouldve bought that

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Nothing. Hard to fall for things when they're all so ridiculous that it's obvious.

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ALMOST got fooled by this one

Nothing to see here, move along

melbye said:
ALMOST got fooled by this one

Almost, eh? That means you got fooled. admit it. lol.