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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No Man Sky vs Sea of Thieves Comparisons??? Stop it.

With the news of No Man Sky coming to Xbox One, I figured its a good time to write this post. Don't panic, this isn't a thread to find out which game is better. I wanted to create a thread about how comparing these games is like comparing Apples to Oranges.

As gamers we need to address one of the many simple issues that we have and that's comparing different games to the wrong problems. Yes this is mainly due to the Sea of Thieves vs No Man Sky comparisons. They are not the same game and there issues are completely different to each others.

Both Sea of Thieves and No Man Sky have had launch issues and have been downgraded from there showcasing's at there E3s however lets look at the differences between these games. I do own both and have played both of them at launch for those curious.

Sea of Thieves has had content issues from day one which is well known by the current players and reviews, and it also has had a few bugs for its online which is quite common for an always online game. I heavily agree the game needs more to do than just building your bank account and customising your character and ship with only cosmetics. The game lacks a lot of content which Rare has already addressed and are working on implementing more in due time. That's the biggest problem with this game, its heavily lacking content. The game also has had a Beta before launch which gave a lot of players a good indication on the game.

No Man Sky however has had different issues, just like Sea of Thieves it launched with its own technically issues which isn't a problem today. The main issue is that No Man Sky promised many things, and it was sold to gamers believing it was suppose to be a Sci-Fi open world MMO styled game which ended up something completely different. That's the biggest problem with this game, many walked in like myself expecting a console version of Star Citizen and ended up like a survival crafting game instead. NMS didn't have content issues for me, it was like selling a Horror game to someone and they received a Party game instead. That's why I have been critical on this game in the past. The game did not have a Beta before launch from my knowledge which did not help those curious.

If you watch both Angry Joe's Reviews below you will see what the main problem is with No Man Sky and Sea of Thieves. However even he tends to make the comparison to them both which we need to understand there not the same games and issues. In no case or form did Rare miss advertise there game where as Hello Games and Shaun Murrey have been on the front cover of many videos misleading many things. Rare and MS needs a slap for not bringing out more content on launch day and Hello Games and Sony need a slap for misguiding customers. 

We are smarter than this, we need to address every game for what they are not what others do. If other games lied or other games lack content we shouldn't just jump straight to these two games. Every game has issues and many games have lied or lacked content in the past. Just because there open world games does not mean there similar in any form. Lets start addressing the right comparisons.

Angry Joe's Review of No Man's Sky

Angry Joe's Review of Sea of Thieves

I respect everyone's taste for each game, lets not turn this into a war, lets start seeing the smarter side.

As good examples, Sea of thieves should be compared to games like Skull and Bones and No Man Sky should be compared with games like Elite Dangerous. 

Please enjoy the reviews, his a great character and a good reviewer.

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The game to me, is about the journey, and not the destination. Logged 70 hours into the game already, haven't ran into any issues playing it between Xbox and Win10. It's a perfect game that me and my friends have been enjoying together, haven't had this much fun together since PUBG launched in EA back in march.

Most of the people attacking the game are Sony fanboys really, can't accept that Xbox players are having fun with a brand new IP they can't touch. It's pathetic really.

I haven't played either of the games, but from what i've seen they aren't the exact same situations. I think the only reason they're getting compared is because both had the same feeling of "Ok what do you actually do in this game" which was never really specified, and then when they launched it was "there's nothing to do in it". 

The way No Man's Sky was handled was different from the how Sea of Thieve's was. Sure, Sea of Thieves lacks content at the moment, but the No Man's Sky devs (or specifically Shaun Murray) literally lied to people's faces in interviews about stuff that they said would be in the game which never was there in the first place. Even the E3 demo they did years ago where Shaun Murray said on stage that it was completely randomly generated, was later revealed to have been scripted for E3.

Just watch Crowbcat's video's on both of them honestly.

Both games should not have launched at the time's they did when there's hardly any content. It baffles me how Sea of Thieve's lacks so much content when they've had years to work on it. 

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I don't really think it's a matter of what was advertised. The reason I see these games being compared is because at launch both had a lack of meaningful activities and content for the players to engage in. Both games sent you into a massive world that you can explore, but after a few hours the repetition starts to set in.

I feel one was scummier than the other.

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They are games in similar situations so the comparisons are valid. The real question is whether Rare will update the game with content like Sean did with NMS.

i dont think anything is on the level of NMS. As far as how terrible something ranks. I don't see the comparison. Also, its AngryJoe,best not to pay any attention. Hes just a youtuber. No need to get upset over that

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Yeah, the comparisons are so stupid.

Both titles launched with the value of $10 for the full price of $60. That's about where the similarities end.

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LOL we aren't comparing these games as to their genre or their PR issues. We are putting these games on the same boat because both offer empty and lifeless open worlds with pointless and honestly barren content.

Honestly both games are scummy in their own way but Sea of Thieves is more scummy in my opinion:
Sea of Thieves with the gall they had to slap a 70 euro price tag on a game (despite rare employees allegedly voicing concerns with such content) with insulting content made by a TRIPLE A studio that has had considerable experience in making games. It took 4 YEARS to make this? It sickens me as to the guts they had to charge full price.

No Man's Sky with their blatant lies and promises but I can still excuse them since they are an INDIE studio that just got caught up and carried away with the hype their game exposed them to. They were just way out of their depth and just got carried away. It's far better now, you have base building and a decent campaign.

Even then, the comparisons are justifiable because game design, gameplay and world design are similarly barren and pointless. Both consist of doing fetch quests in a barren open world.