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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - No Mans Sky coming to Xbone July 24th, full MP at launch

Distributed by 505 Games.

Launches with all previous expansions plus some new update called “Next”. Gets Scorpio support.

PS4 version is on clearance at Walmart’s locally for like $16. Will wait for a lower price before maybe buying on Xbone.

Lock if old.

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Wonder if the game is worth it now with nearly two years of updates.

The game was brilliant from the begining. With all the updates it's even better. Excellent gameplay and visuals

...not much time to post anymore, used to be awesome on here really good fond memories from VGchartz...

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KLAMarine said:
Wonder if the game is worth it now with nearly two years of updates.

I played it a year ago and I thought it was worth it. Depends if you need a story or much structure to enjoy a game or not.

Will wait till its on GWG or a 80%+ sale, game never grabbed my attention and still doesn't despite the update. Also don't want to give money to a developer who lied so blatently.

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Never expected this. Game looks like a waste of time though.

Now you, too, can be disappointed, Xbox fans!

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@slade6alpha well now I guess the SoT and NMS comparison actually makes sense

If price and expectations are set accordingly it is okay, just hard not to think of what it could have been.

welcome to the land of disappointment,xbox :(

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