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Should the Nintendo Switch get a price cut?

Yahoo! (Yes it should) 28 31.11%
D'oh, I missed! (It should not) 62 68.89%

It's holding up against Wii, PS4 and 3DS in the comparable time-frame, so Switch is fine.

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LMAO This made my day. Really?

Yes. Switch should be free.

chakkra said:

I'm almost a 100% sure that they are not even considering it.  

I'm amazed at how fast people have forgotten that they rode the Wii U for 4 years with just one $50 price cut.

The wii u was difficult because they had to manage a low inventory of components to last until the Switch came out. Sony bought the factory that made an important chip and the cost of redesigning the wii u to use a difficult chip would be excessive. Many wii u's were often unsold stock repackaged later on. Nintendo had huge expectations for the wii u and manufactured a huge number at the beginning of its life. If the wii u had been discounted and sold out they literally would have nothing to sell until the Switch came out for probably 6 months to a year.

The Switch situation I think is more likely to be a revised model at some point that even if identical external has a major internal revision. Improved fabrication process, cooler running, better battery life. The current Tegra chip used is a off the shelf model and quite old now. A revised improved chipset may be forced upon them anyway as 20nm may not actually be able to be manufactured. At which point the older model gets discounted.

I'm still sitting on the fence with regard the Switch. I only really want to play Mario Odyssey and its just too expensive for one game and portability isn't as important to me. To be honest the portable consoles I use need to be a bit smaller. I still have many games to complete on my wii u. So I'm one of those people who will probably buy a Switch mid generation or end of generation when its £150 or less. The Yuzu emulator is also making great progress with Mario Odyssey along with Zelda BOTW being the games focused on running it seems....

It's now behind PS4, which is very well established brand, but if you compare the same periods of time, it isn't. IMO, the very first price cut will happen with the release of first major hardware revision.

no need till 2019.

games AAA is what they need to get number one. sales are doing fine!


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It depends on the holiday line up. If Pokemon is coming AND we get a new Smash, price cut will not be needed. If the second half of the year is as slow as the first, I feel a drop or discounted price to 250 would be beneficial.

So in other words, I cannot accurately say until E3. Regardless however, it is still selling great in all regions at 300 despite a slower 1st half and remains on top in Japan now that MH hype has died down.

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I didn't think Switch would do 200k a week in the middle of March. That's phenomenal. So no it doesn't need a price cut at all.

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Not at the moment but in a couple of years yes. Why it's not selling that much at the moment is because it haven't got any huge system seller games at the start of this year when smash releases it's over.

I'm not really convinced Nintendo cares about how it's selling relative to the PS4 on a weekly basis. As long as it's selling well and they're making a happy profit, there's no need for a price-cut.

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Switch is selling very well. Nintendo likes making money on their hardware. Why would they consider a price drop when they are basically printing money with their hardware sales, new hits like Odyssey and Zelda, and rereleases like Mario Kart? This doesn't make any sense. Just to catch up in the console war (read that sarcastically)?