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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch Price Cut?


Should the Nintendo Switch get a price cut?

Yahoo! (Yes it should) 28 31.11%
D'oh, I missed! (It should not) 62 68.89%

I think that, because for the past few weeks it's been just behind the PS4 in hardware sales, the Nintendo Switch needs a price cut, unless it's too soon to take such measures.

Who here thinks it should get a price cut, and who here thinks it doesn't need one?

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It dosent need one at the moment.What it needs is a great bundle, like Switch + Zelda at 300 dollars.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Well, I want it to get a price cut obviously, cheaper is better. However, I think it's selling well enough that they're going to be willing to keep the current price for a while.

The Switch has pretty much always been behind the PS4 in global hardware sales since it has released. I think far more important than a price cut is actually releasing a decent amount of games. With the home console and portable side of Nintendo now joined at the hip on the same system we should be seeing a huge influx of games to the system which will boost its sales far more than a price cut would.

Yeah let's make a price cut just because it's behind the PS4 in the hardware charts...

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Dr.Vita said:
Yeah let's make a price cut just because it's behind the PS4 in the hardware charts...

200k weekly can't be enough it it ain't #1, right?

Your kidding me? Nintendo Switch is doing phenomenal. Being a couple k under the PS4 no way, shape, or form necessitates a need for price cut. Imagine an industry where a price cut was given every time a console wasnt at the top of the charts... its probably impossible because that industry wouldn't exist.

The focus should be on maintaining healthy numbers throughout the year, not beating PS4

Price Cut should always be the last option to boost sales, and right now they don't need it.

Not until next year probably. Nintendo is essentially coasting for the first six months by relying on Wii-U ports, smaller titles and experimental blue ocean titles like Labo so I think they'd be happy with just maintaining a certain level of sales during that time frame. I'd prefer to wait until E3 and see what they have in-store for the 2nd half of the year before the inner fanboy in me starts panicking and crying out for a price cut.

Not until a new iteration, Pokemon, or a future holiday period at the earliest.

The Switch isn’t overpriced for 2018, a 200€ Switch doesn’t seem that much more a compelling offer than €300 one. But if Pokemon is coming out, then a 200€ Switch + Pokemon + Holiday season immediately becomes the hottest gift ticket in town.

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