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Forums - General Discussion - Microsoft to ban offensive, inappropriate content in MS Office, Xbox, Skype and monitor your private account


What now?

I've got nothing to hide 0 0%
The right of the people t... 2 100.00%

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What the fuck. On Xbox I get it, it's a platform for gaming which has a lot of kids on it where you can get their account easily by just playing the same game as them. But on Skype it's personal data which you decide to share with whome ever you're talking to and it's personal conversations. This is flat out censorship

This all sounds like an excuse to gather private data and eventually sell it. Microsoft, like Facebook is obsessed with that.

I'll be honest, I'm surprised to find the links and sources seem to be legit. This honestly sounds like one of those fake stories that circulates to get people agitated, but that doesn't appear to be the case... If it's true, this is a bizarre move and absolutely horribly timed at that given everyone is focused on the Facebook debacle at the moment dealing primarily with private information.

Disgusting. Fortunately I don't use any of Microsoft's services so they can get stuffed

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Just make multiple account or use pirated windows . Use TOR or proxy and the problem solve. And also , Microsoft will not care with all of your porn and private life's, it's just marketing.

MS office? What if I want to make a powerpoint about boobs?

Nothing has changed, It's always been apart of their policy but now they're just clarifying the wording, likely to cover their asses on any potential report/bans that happen but this has always been in their rules.

It's also pointed out that it's publicly, If you publicly cause enough shit to the point that it gets you noticed then Microsoft will and always has been able to go through your account to get the required information to punish you accordingly, they aren't going to ban you for saying "Fuck" in a document nor are they going to ban you for private calls between you and your girlfriend....

Based on the above, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread.

Onto another issue, you've been asked repeatedly to include your own thoughts in certain threads which could be deemed controversial, I see this thread as no different even if it isn't political so I'm telling you now in your next thread I want to see your thoughts on the subject as we are starting to strongly question your intentions, I'll let you off this time as you won't be able to respond to a locked thread but next time you won't just receive a warning.