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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will the Switch outsell the Wii?

It's outselling everything in history but the GBA 12 months in, that's impressive. But do you see it outselling the GBA eventually? Or even the Wii? If so, what will drive those sales? What happens when the initial 15-20 million people own Pokemon? We've seen those numbers on Nintendo devices with far less sales than the Wii, so what makes us think it's Pokemon or Mario that took the DS to 150+ million sales?

Are Nintendo staples enough to take the Switch past the Wii? Remeber, every Nintendo device that surpassed 100 million did with cirumstances far different than what Switch has. Wii had Wii Sports, which was a massive hit among the general public let alone gamers. The DS had a lot of puzzle games that were huge like Brain Age and Nintendogs, games that appealed to the masses that don't normally play games. People were buying a DS per child at impulse purchase price. Will the Switch have the same adoption rate eventually? If so what do you see driving it to those heights?

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My Initial reaction says no. I believe that the Switch will be the best Nintendo console ever made, but I can't see it having 100million+ selling power. Nintendo is my favorite company, and I would love to be proven wrong. By Holiday 2019, We will see the lifetime total and most likely be able to know how much it will sell in the end

It has a decent chance to do so, but we still need to see how Nintendo handles the hardware in the long run. The PS5 will release sometime during the middle of the Switch's lifespam, so how to keep current games coming to the Switch when the goalposts get moved that far away.

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No 80-85 milli me thinks, which is still awesome IMO

That's too far into the future for me. I'll take it a year or two at a time preferably, as a lot can change from any given year to another. Especially before seeing a trend established over a longer period of time. We're still only 1 year in.

As of now I have no particular reason to think it will or won't.
But I think this year's sales and software releases will be a more interesting indication of what to expect than last years. Especially since Switch passed the install base of the WiiU, which could indicate that most of its future consumers will not be people who owned a WiiU. It doesn't quite work that way though, but it's something to consider.

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Somewhere in the 80mil to 120mil range is my guess, so it might

Combining their home & handheld consoles into a single ecosystem and having Switch be the successor to 3DS & Wii U (along with being a spiritual successor to Vita) alone should get it to 80m.

Outside of that, Nintendo Labo could be the next Wii Sports/Fit, Brain Age, Nintendogs or Kinect type of hit among kids, families & casuals (20-30 million seller).

If Nintendo doesnt make any stupid mistakes than i think Switch can pass Wii.

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It'd be cool, but it's the Switch 2 I think has the most potential to achieve that.

I'd be really phyced for GBA numbers, followed by explosive Wii/DS numbers for the next generation of the Switch concept.

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Gut feeling right now? with just 1year of data.....
60-80m or so.

So Im leaning towards a no, it doesnt outsell the Wii.
But its too early to really tell, by this time next year we should have a somewhat better idea of if its possible.

I. don't think so