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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon game JP sales on Switch


Will Pokemon games on Switch perform better in Japan saleswise compared to 3DS Pokemon games?

Hell yeah! Pokemon Switch will be king 7 53.85%
No way 1 7.69%
will sell equally much 5 38.46%

Do you think that Pokemon games will sell better on the Switch than on the 3DS in Japan?

I know it might be  too early to predict as we still have no idea about the pokemon games on the switch, but I guess I am just curious to get to know the general opinion.......

I personally think that it will somewhat match 3ds Pokemon sales but will not exceed it. I guess the Pokemon days with selling 5 to 6 millions in Japan only are over, since the 3ds had a bigger userbase (24mio) compared to GBA (17mio and still Pokemon Ruby/sapphire outsold Pokemon X/Y and the other 3ds Pokemon games. Maybe I'm wrong with it and 3ds pokemon games just sell that much more digital (would have to be over 1 million going by VGC's number) .....

So what do you guys think?

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Seeing how well titles like Splatoon 2 have been selling on Switch in Japan, I think the numbers will be quite promising. 5 million seems possible to me if Pokemon Switch makes a big enough impact.

How about we wait until the game is actually revealed before we decide?

Or you can just look at the fact that the nearly every game on Switch has sold better in Japan than it's predecessor and realize it's not up for debate.

Either one.

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