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By the time all is said and done, I think the venerable 360 may just overtake the PS1 and N64 to become my #3 fav system of all time.

During the many droughts of the Wii U and now the lack of appealing new Switch games in the first half of this year, it really has been my dependable backup; there are so many games I skipped on it during its heyday that I can now go back and grab for ridiculously cheap prices.

I just picked up Sonic Generations, Battlefield Hardline, and Witcher 2 in a "buy one get two free" deal; none of these games managed to compel a buy from me back when they came out at full price, but now they're like $4 altogether, the cost of a takeaway coffee, the value is insane.

The infamous RROD aside, I really feel the 360 is an underrated system. The controller is comfortable, the graphics hold up remarkably well for a system that released in 2005, most multi-platform games of its generation run better on it, and the sheer volume of worthwhile games on it is immense.

I feel like it doesn't get the recognition it deserves, so I thought I'd give it a shoutout for keeping me going through the tough times.

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I remember playing cod2/oblivion/me on it for the first time mind was fucking blown. Great machine indeed

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Xbox 360 is my second favourite console of all time, only behind the PS2.

But why battlefield hardline? It's the worst one. Get bad company 2 instead.

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It's just behind My 3DS and Switch so it definitely gets a good spot !

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flashfire926 said:

But why battlefield hardline?

Kinda sick of military shooters, so wanted to try the whole cops and robbers thing for a change of pace.

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Original Xbox much better, the true underrated system.

Honestly don't understand how people still play in 7th gen, the worst generation since the early days. But that's just my opinion.

I do prefer other consoles of that gen over it, but I still really enjoyed it. The games are also getting really cheap, so that means a huge library for an affordable price!

My X1 is my 360 now. I have packed my 360 up and placed it in the vault of legends right next to my NES

Azzanation said:

My X1 is my 360 now. I have packed my 360 up and placed it in the vault of legends right next to my NES

I try to keep all of my consoles out and plugged in, to avoid them suffering the fate of never being played again!

I think its underrated because half of all consoles died statistically, the red ring of death was a big problem because it happened two often.

tho it was overall better than the PS3 because the games weren't a mess and didn't run well for like 4 years. also released a little earlier so had a better library than ps3


and then microsoft follows it with the console with the worst library since like the sega cd.