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Forums - General Discussion - So I won $5000 this afternoon...

Some work friends and I went to a local casino to blow off some steam.  I put $40 into a Willy Wonka themed slot machine and I won something called the ‘Golden Ticket’ after a Bonus.  My bills are paid for the next few months, and my job is secure.  In other words, I’m more than fine financially.  My problem (lol) is what to do with the 5k (no tax on winnings in Canada)?  I like my car (2016 Buick Verano) and it’s up to date in maintenance and repairs.  I could bank the money, but that’s not fun - this is found money and deserves to be spent frivolously.  Naturally I’m thinking of my gaming hobby - but what to buy?  I feel fine with my X1X and mid grade PC and don’t feel the need for another branded console as nothing really stands out as to what to buy.  Maybe just plop down the cash for a vacation?  But to where?  Europe seems kinda scary with all their recent terrorist activity and traveling at home seems boring.  What’s funny is a friend told me to go to Vegas and risk winning a bigger jackpot - but I’d still be in my dilemma if I won or feel stupid if I lost my winnings.

Ugh, what to do...


What would you do if you came across extra money you don’t really need?

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You know what, I'll take the $5000 off of your hands for you!

1) Save it for future challenges. You never know what can happen.
2) Invest it. The dividens will be a nice treat every year
3) visit some hookers

I'll help you invest, I'll just need 1K up front.

Lube Me Up

How the hell are lottery/casino winnings not taxed in Canada?

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Remember that time I loan you $1000?

Yeah pffff I made 30 cents doing a survey in a website this morning, but you don't see me bragging...

Don't waste the money, put it on a bank, you never know when you will need it. It is not because you're fine right now that you will never find yourself a situation were you need the extra cash.

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Hookers and blow

If you're not gonna' snort coke from a hookers ass, your best bet would be to just put it in your savings, that's probably what I'd do.

Since you anyway are planing to spend it for something that is not essential, it really does not matter what you do with the money.