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Forums - General Discussion - Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball GT


Which one was better?

Super 59 79.73%
GT 15 20.27%

Now that Dragon Ball Super has reached its end (for now), and a very awesome ending to cap off a fantastic Tournament of Power arc in my view, I would like to pose the question on which post-Z (although Super takes place between the end of Buu and World Martial Arts Tournament) do you think was better?
Super or GT?

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Super is infinitely better.

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The answer is so obvious and it's super

ArchangelMadzz said:
Super is infinitely better.



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Better is obvious.
Super basically just felt like another arch of DBZ. It was good, but thats it.

Yet I think I liked GT more. It was more WTF is going on.
Kid Goku was far more entertaining than Red, blue, or ultra instinct Goku.

GT is a fan-fiction joke. They didn't take anything seriously, introduced crazy things. It wasn't like DBZ at all.

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I liked both Super and GT, but I think Super is better.

Never could enjoy GT, while Super was fun from the very first episode, all the way to the end.

Super has what feels like proper Dragon Ball Z arcs, while GT felt like badly written fan fiction.

The active involvement of Toriyama for Super really shows. One also has a proper manga tied to it, while the other didn't, so this should tell you everything.

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GT was awful. Super is way better.

I enjoyed GT, but I loved Super.

Super for me