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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you see Grinding as a bad thing?



Like a grind. 7 12.28%
Dislike grinding. 16 28.07%
Don't mind a grind if the game is good. 34 59.65%
Don't play games. 0 0%
Want to see comments.... 0 0%

It's only bearable if it allows one to do something else while grinding in a game. A lot of Disgaea 3 which I finished (story part...) today is designed around grinding: and that means a lot of things I will never see - why waste so much time grinding when you can play another game, or do something else and fresh?

Anyway, boo.

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That depends.
Sometimes its fun, sometimes its not.
Grinding/Farming can be good or bad, depends on the game.

Usually I do like grinding, both the type that is required and the type that is optional. FFXI has both and it is one of my favourite games.

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In FFXI a very grind heavy game, I honestly enjoyed it alot.
Leveling all job systems to 75 in the hopes of getting a Maat's cap, became a goal for me (almost reached it).

So I guess it depends on the game.
Im generally not adverse to it though.

John2290 said:

Personally, with 90 days in ff14 (120 days but accounting for afk time) Grinding both for progression and for RNG based loot, currency, money etc and near 200 hours in destiny 1 I'd say i love a good Grind if the game around it is fun and well dezigned. Again, with that said, I don't enjoy it making its way into single player games and this being my main problem with JRPGs. I've heard Ni no kuni 2 has gotten rid of the need to grind and I may pick up this title.

Oddly enough Id say I didnt enjoy the grinde in FF14 as much as in FF11.

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Grinding is the single reason I have never finished a JRPG.  Loved Xenoblade 1 and X until I hit the grinding brick wall, then just got bored.

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Don't like grinding in single player only games but I love the grind of multilayer games like Destiny and the Division .
Also for mobile games not being games that makes no sense. PUBG, Fortnite, Mario have mobile games so now they aren't games because of the platform they're on.

Grinding should be an expected element of an RPG. JRPG's are a lot easier than they used to be in the past and part of the problem is a lower emphasis on needing to grind for experience, money, items...whatever. Bosses general serve as plot elements nowadays vs a test of calibre of your party and skill.

Depends on how fun it is. Some games I don't mind the grind.

ReflectiveDetective said:

Grinding is the single reason I have never finished a JRPG.  Loved Xenoblade 1 and X until I hit the grinding brick wall, then just got bored.

Huh? Xenoblade doesnt really have needless grinde.
Plus its fun, and theres the rare drops and gems ect.

It's ok, but the game core gameplay must be solid and not focused entirely on grinding. Also, the game must be good overall: good story, good characters, good cs and mechanics should be well structured and meaningful.

Example of a game where I think grinding is bearable is Persona 5.

XCX and XC2, however, are terrible in this respect.