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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Games you really wish worked/want on Switch?

I'm thinking 


-Red dead redemption 2

-GTA 6

-Need for Speed Payback

-Far Cry 5

-Last of us 2

-Rare Replay



-Assassins Creed

-Ratchet and clank


-Horizon Zero Dawn 

-Persona 5





- Crackdown 3

-Forza Horizon 4

- Halo 6

-A way Out

-Dragon Ball Fighter Z


- Cyberpunk 2077

- Death Stranding

- Battlefield 

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GTA 5 and 4
Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood
DmC: Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 3 and 4
NFS: Hot Pursuit Criterion
Batman: Arkham Asylum and City

Xenoblade 2. I need a resolution patch.

I think Monster Hunter is a pretty good example, even if there is one on Switch already.

I'd probably be done with Hollow Knight by now if it was on Switch, even though I have it on PC.

I'd say persona 5. It's the only game I'd buy again for switch. Best jrpg of this generation

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- Sega Genesis Collection
- Cuphead
- Ori and the Blind Forest

I'd really like an

Advance Wars Collection or better yet a new installement

Final Fantasy (all of them through XIII)

Some of the Batman Arkham games

Star Wars Battlefront if possible with gyro aiming.

Mortal Kombat IX (just been a long time since I played one)

NHL (EA) series

After Ark nothing is off the table

Flilix said:
- Sega Genesis Collection

This is the one that really, really, really bothers me .... 

Fuck Sega

OdinHades said:

There‘s a fully-featured port of Civ VI on iPad, so I assume it would work on Switch as well.