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Amazing video featuring the current and upcoming ps4 exclusive games on the PS Europe Youtube Channel

Last edited by raulbalarezo - on 23 March 2018

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This montage was awesome. I wonder if TLoU 2 being featured means it’s a lot closer than we think.? Also, where’s Death Stranding?

0331 Happiness is a belt-fed weapon

Very cool .

I game on all consoles and PC

Great video, but lacks some LoD

And this doesn't even have ghost of tutshima and death stranding in it!

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PS4 is Heaven AKA Paradise, the best place for games and the only system needed to play video games.

Sony is giving their devs the time needed to polish their games. GoW 95 meta, Spider-Man 92, Detroit 86. I can bet on any of these games.

Too many tbh. Yakuza 6 and gow next month. I just finished digimon hackers memory and now I'm too busy playing final fantasy dIssidia and ni no kuni.

This is why I buy all my games on PlayStation even when I have XBO X, and in the past had PC's more powerful than my PlayStation's. Sony delivers exclusives, and not just large market games, but also niche catagories that no one else will touch. Then they always have something like Eye Toy, PS Move, and PSVR. I pay for innovation, and I want Sony turning my Royalty money into industry leading, Software and Services. So far they have delivered for the past 20+ years.

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They didn't mention gameplay once. Lmao.

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