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Forums - Movies Discussion - Worst Looking Blu-rays Ever

I just put out a new video on two terrible looking Blu-rays, that happen to be movies I love.

Check it out, if you're interested.

The real question here is: what other movies look as bad, or worse, than the two I show off in the new episode? I think it would be helpful to get the word out so that us movie fans don't get stuck with a bunch of ugly stinkers in our collections.

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I would like to share 7 Reasons why DVD is actually better

I watched it, liked and subscribed. Keep it up!

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Fun video man!

Visual clarity is killing cinema. Film grain and 'haze' made cgi more exciting and believable. Now it's so sharp even the absolute best efforts fail to excite a reaction from the viewers.

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Gave it a look and a thumb. The up kind. Although it's rare, I've encountered bad transfers on BR before. I think with......Ghostbusters. The original. I find it difficult to go back to dvd in most cases.

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Some blu-rays are DVD quality, but just use the extra space to cram more onto it.

The Golden Eye blu-ray doesn't look too bad to me, but man that Godzilla one is atrocious.

Didn't we use to have a thread for YouTube channels and other content made by users?

yet another unrealistic beauty standard for blue-rays