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Forums - Politics Discussion - Count Dankula convicted of being 'Grossly offensive' in Pug Nazi joke. *Philly D video added

How long before celebrities get locked up because some ramdom channel decides to air one of their past movies/sketches/etc that contains an offensive joke that, at the time, wasn't a big deal.

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Ugh, the whole idea of a "hate crime" makes me uncomfortable... When you're actually assaulting someone it's one thing, but it is inevitably charged too frequently. That mockery of hate and "hateful" opinions are frequently found to be chargeable offenses is beginning to sound rather "Nazi-esque" itself imo.

Fucking travesty

And now that Breitbart covered this story, surely people will start calling them Nazis too. Just what has this world become.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

The only truly offensive joke in this world is the freedom of expression... Or obvious lack thereof.

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Moved to politics (And your other thread)

Does he live in north Korea or something?

1776 > 1984

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Don't Play Stationary 4 ever. Switch!

If the sentence has been deferred, you should put that in your title.

Jailed for wrong think...

Commited the "disgusting" crime of making a f#cking joke that he thought was funny, and the overwhelming majority found it hilarious as well, the like bar of that video was gigantic, ive seen support for this guy from everywhere and not even the Jews i know found his joke offensive, but someone somewhere didnt like it and now he is in jail.

By the same logic can we send the Judge to jail as well? im sure im not the only one who finds his veredict "Grossly Offensive".


Edit: i see the sentence has been deferred to April but i will leave my comment as it is, since this entire situation is just ridiculous.

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