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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Online subscription. Fair or not fair?


Is paying to play online fair?

No. 37 58.73%
Yes. 21 33.33%
Don't know. 5 7.94%

I've never made up my mind on this topic.

I don't mean MMO, but games like COD on consoles that you pay full price on the game, but can't play online if you don't pay for play online.

You buy a PS4 and COD and after paying for that, you expect to have the experience of playing COD online. However you have to pay for online, or your COD copy and your PS4 is basically useless. Is this fair. Or if you prefer, a better question would be: "Do you mind paying for that?".

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Depends of the price and what is offered for that price.

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Are you talking about subscriptions for video games like MMORPGS? If so then I think it’s fair. I subscribed to final fantasy 14 a realm reborn, it was only £7 per month And the service was brilliant. You've got to realise that square enix (in the case of ff14) have got to have maintenance teams and developers constantly working on the game to bring updates and keep the servers working correctly and then bring out the big expansions for our benfit and pleasure.
So in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s a service and we pay for services all through our lives.

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I don't like them either way.

Yeah imo

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Fair for whom? Unless you mean absolute equality, "fairness" is very much highly subjective.

The better question would be: "Do you mind paying for online services?".

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The platform holders make a profit when publishers sell games on their platforms.
The platform holders don't provide servers.
Server software should be given or sold to consumers.

There shouldn't be a fee to play online.

It's kinda bullshit, but I've rolled over on it a long time ago. Thankfully, the cost is cheap and it comes with 6 bonus games every month.


-And the server saves. Oh my goodness. Not only convenient, but have saved my bacon on a couple of occasions. PS+ taken a whole is more positive than negative for me, but I can't argue with those who dislike that online was tied into ( for the PS4 ) it at the start of then gen. I still have friends on PSN who refuse to pay for it on principle.

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No. It's a way to indirectly sell people games that they don't even want.

World of Warcraft may have cost me like $1000, but it saved me a lot of money I would have spent on games otherwise. I think people who spend a lot should get a few more bonuses, but otherwise it is our choice for doing that and enjoying the game.

Edit: For online PS plus, XBL, Nintendo absolutely not. But they are making massive profits on them and have less risk of failing so all 3 companies can live in the ecosystem together is cool. And since I don't get many games, the extra games are usually worth it.