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Favorite JRPG Series?

Final Fantasy 687 27.20%
Dragon Quest 147 5.82%
Tales of 82 3.25%
Megami Tensei (not incl. Persona) 84 3.33%
Persona 305 12.07%
Pokemon 705 27.91%
Souls 253 10.02%
Other 263 10.41%

Because the results in the previous Poll of the Week, I figured I would make this week's something related. Since, Square-Enix seems to be leading in the polls, how about a question about everyone's JRPG preferences!

So.. what's everyone's favorite JRPG series?

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I'll have to think about which one it is. I read through the poll options and concluded "definitely none of those", so I voted "Other".

EDIT: Xenoblade Chronicles, because Paper Mario has been dormant since 14 years.

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Dark Souls.

Edit: Oh shit, that's actually in the list. Uhh well not Dark Souls then. I guess I picked other so I'll just say Etrian Odyssey. 

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Out of those options, definitely Pokemon.

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My favorite RPG series is the "spiky haired kid" series on the Super Nintendo. Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, and Illusion of Gaia. I'm sure there are others and I know they're not connected, but they count in my book.

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Megami tensei


Final Fantasy without question. Dark Souls is a close second.

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Because the Xeno series isn't in the poll, I'll have to go with Dragon Quest. Consistently good, beautiful worlds, always a challenge, the JRPG equivalent to comfort food. Ask me about 12 years ago and I'd say pokemon, but pokemon has grown way too stale for my taste in the story department. 

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Xenoblade, which is really the only JRPG-series i've ever gotten into

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I think I'd likely go with Pokemon in terms of a series, as I feel it's the one I've enjoyed the most consistently.



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